What kind of ski is right for me??

Shaped? Parabolic? Rocker? Fat? Mid-Fat? Carver

Many different terms are used to describe the variety of equipment on the hill today. You have probably heard all of these terms before, but the important thing to remember is that all skis being made today are shaped skis. The straight-edge skis you might have learned on are a thing of the past…and most often seen only on the wall of the lodge!

The term “sidecut” refers to the difference between the ski’s width at the tip, waist, and tail, and this affects the skis performance. Shape skis with a lot of sidecut are easy turning, and a great choice for beginners.White Dog offers a variety of skis to fit your needs…whether you are headed for the bunny hill, intermediate cruiser runs, or double blacks and off piste skiing. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions, and help you pick the ski that is right for you!

What about boots?

Are my boots supposed to hurt?

Pain shouldn’t be part of the picture, although ski boots are typically more snug than street shoes. Choosing the boots that fit is a big part of selecting the right equipment to give you a great day on the slopes. That’s why our ski techs will insist that you try on both boots as part of the rental process. A softer, wider boot will be more comfy if you don’t ski very often, but a firmer, tighter fit will give you more control on the slopes. So, try on your boots, buckle them up, and walk around before you leave the shop. Sometimes boots will loosen up after a day or so of wear, or the fit isn’t right…If your boots are feeling too loose or too tight, bring them back to the shop and we’ll be happy to re-fit you (we’ll need your
skis too!)